Wedding in Bali


Are you just started searching or maybe planning your wedding in Bali?

If so, congratulations! You are reading in the right place.

We will give you required information that is needed for a wedding in Bali. We will tell you how to start planning, so you can get the ideal wedding of your dream.

The Right Time to get married in Bali

Let’s start from the discussion about when will be the right time to get married in Bali.

In this case, your wedding date is having the most important role in making the perfect wedding. It is because most of the wedding in Bali use outdoor concept, especially for the party.

Therefore, the perfect time to get married in Bali is in April and October because it has entered the dry season which is much better.

Another thing that should also be in your consideration is to flush June to August in the toilet. Around these months, prices for hotels, air tickets, wedding venues, etc are usually more expensive. Besides, finding a hotel is tough. It is important to plan your wedding and book all your needs for your wedding as soon as possible.

Use the service of a Wedding Planner and Organizer in Bali to making it much easier.

Bali Wedding Venues

The second most important thing for a wedding Bali is where you will get married. This may be the first thing that comes into the brides’ minds. Bali is the best place for a wedding because it has plenty of magical and romantic venues that you can take. As you may know, Bali offers exquisite venues and here are four kinds of places you may choose:

    1. Villa Wedding

Villa is the most favorite venue a wedding Bali. By booking a villa wedding, no brides nor grooms need to travel on the D-day. Another advantage is that you will have more privacy. A villa wedding accommodates for up to 100 guests. Usually, the villa includes an evening catering or wedding reception. You can contact local wedding organizers to get more information for interesting prices and packages.

Bali Villa Wedding

Bali Villa Wedding

    1. Hotel/Resort Wedding

Hotel or resort wedding is a perfect choice for a couple who wants easiness and convenience over privacy on their wedding Other services that you can get is the wondrous packages offered, starting from pre-wedding photo shoot, photographer, videographer and more.

    1. Chapel Wedding

Bali started its first chapel wedding from 14 years ago. Soon after, 20 chapels has been built to run into the demand of Chapel Wedding. Usually, chapel is part of a hotel. However, it is also possible that chapel is separated from a hotel. The difference between Chapel Wedding and Hotel Wedding is that you can choose your own vendors and other preparations. However, all the important aspects are better to be discussed with the local wedding planner and organization.

    1. Beach Wedding

Beach wedding is probably the most dreamed wedding Bali that every couple has ever wanted. Based on the fact that Bali has various exotic and picturesque beaches that are supported with marvelous panorama of the sunset or sunrise. By calling a local wedding organizer, it will be easier for you to choose the right beach for your wedding They will help you find the best beach that is suitable with all of your needs. A free advice especially for you, choose a private or virgin beach or the one’s not too noisy. It will be much more comfortable.

We are hoping this information will be such a useful insight for you if you are planning to get your dream wedding in Bali.