Tropical Wedding in Bali

tropical wedding venue in bali

Do you know that Bali has become increasingly popular as a destination not only for solo traveling but also for weddings?! The Paradise island is now on top of the list for weddings!

Best known for its picturesque beaches and mountains, incomparable marine life and richness in culture and arts; Bali also offers extravagant resorts and luxurious villas fit for wedding venues, pre-wedding shoots and honeymoons. Comes with no surprise that the island of Gods has been a topic du jour in the last few years among couples.

A brisk surf on the web on “wedding in Bali” yields vast results on wedding packages in numbers of hotels or resorts, all with such numero uno tropical settings. Vast range of entertainment options and romantic wedding themes are beautifully commingled with hospitable people, five-star locations and immaculate catering services.

No matter indoors or outdoors, suchlike wedding venues in Bali seem to be endless and keep on coming to the surface! From rice terraces surrounded by coconut trees to cliff-tops overlooking the vast Indian Ocean. Although, a better choice to those who prefer a more romantic setting is having a tropical wedding at a glistening white sandy beach with a stunning sunset. As for a more intimate moment, better consider renting a private villa. Perfect to create the mood for walking down the aisle and wedding vows witnessed only by a small group of family and friends

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Planning a Tropical Wedding in Bali

Organizing a tropical wedding can be such a brainer. To meet your expectations and your ever dreamed tropical wedding, here are some essentials and useful tips we have highlighted, especially for beach weddings.

  • Bride and Groom’s Attire

    Tropical heat is way different than European summer. The humidity and the sun are the perfect combo! Make sure that your tropical wedding dress has room to breathe, is made out of sweat-absorbent materials and maneuverable. Remember that you will also be full of sand! Keep it simple but elegant.

  • Make-Up and Hair-Do

    Keep your hair and make-up natural since you are likely to get sweaty under the sun and a heavy make-up won’t help! It will make you look greasy easily anyway. It’s better to braid your hair down or up with flower as a clip to your hair.

  • The Shoes

    Forget your high heels! High heels and sandy beach are not a match. How about going barefoot instead, or at least flip-flops? Other than it will be more comfortable, you don’t have to worry of your high heels sinking!

  • Hand Bouquet

    Bali has different kinds of flowers to what you may usually find in your home country but they are as gorgeous! Use only local tropical flowers and keep it as simple as you can. It will turn to be the best bouquet! Choose frangipani or orchid as your hand bouquet to complete your gorgeous look. It will definitely make your tropical wedding looks fresher!

  • Guest Attire

    Give tips to your guests on your wedding invitations on what best to wear for your tropical wedding! For instance, if you’re having a beach wedding around daytime, casual summer look is fitting. But, if it’s in the eve, then you can go for something more formal.

  • Photography

    Make sure that your photography has the skills and experience! Choose a photographer who has done numerous beach weddings photoshoots before so that he knows the perfect moments to catch.

  • Weather

    October through March is generally the rainy season in Bali and throughout the country. Having an outdoor wedding at the beach is better in between April to September when it’s the dry season! Conduct your research for weather around the equator to best know when to hold your tropical wedding.


Hire Wedding Planner

Planning and organizing a tropical wedding can be such a hassle! It may be better to hire a wedding planner that knows Bali. For your own convenience, a wedding planner will help you planning to the tiniest details of your ever dreamed tropical wedding!

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Hotel or Resort Wedding

The most convenient venue for a tropical wedding is a hotel or resort. Especially in Bali, most resorts are proven to have such world-class service! You can choose an all-inclusive wedding package to have your ceremony and reception at one venue. The resorts have their own wedding organizers to assist you. Sit back and relax!


The Backup Plan

The weather is unpredictable, it is best to always have backup plan! Talk to your wedding planner or the hotel’s management for a backup plan.

Planning is essential to your Bali Wedding. Book your wedding date in advance through the hotel and/or your wedding planner so that no one steals your place!