Outdoor Wedding Ideas in Bali

Outdoor wedding ideas at beach

If you have a plan to getting married in Bali, you should consider having an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor wedding ideas are a new wedding concept that is loved by and becoming a dream for many couples. The common outdoor wedding concepts have specific themes which are usually related to the dress code color, princess’ themes, beaches, etc.

So, if you are looking for an outdoor wedding idea, here are some insights to make it easier in planning your dreamed wedding.


The first thing you should be thinking of is the preparation itself. Asking for a suggestion from the family in regards to the concept of your wedding may help you decide which is better or easier. Besides that, you can also tell them about the concept that you and your couple are planned. If most of the family members are agreed with the concept that you offer, so it is like a first gate that is already opened.

Choosing the Theme

As it has been mentioned above, an outdoor wedding idea usually comes with a unique theme. Out of many themes used by previous weddings, you can choose many others such as garden party, Princesses, or Flinstones. Write the theme of your outdoor wedding on the invitations. So that all guests will follow your themed wedding. There are no questions that your wedding will be magical!

Choosing the ‘It’ Location

After choosing the desirable theme, we now move to choosing the perfect location for your outdoor wedding ideas. There are some things you must consider in choosing the right location for an outdoor wedding. First, you have to make sure that the venue is fit for an outdoor event, or at least it has ever been used for one. The other thing is, how is the venue capacity. You have to consider the numbers of invitations to the location scale.

Preparing the dress or the wedding costumes

Have you got the ‘it’ location? Now is the time to prepare the wedding dress or costumes! One thing you have to remember is that the dress should match the theme of your outdoor wedding ideas. Furthermore, if you are wearing the dress for quite a long while, choose a dress that is not too heavy, yet comfortable. So that you can move easier and still be able to breathe.

Choosing the catering

Most outdoor weddings are held in the afternoon. Although, the possibility to have it in the evening is feasible. As of why you have to choose the appropriate catering to your outdoor wedding. If you are carrying out a wedding during the day, you can choose some added menus such as cocktails or gelato. However, if it is in the evening then, the wine will be a perfect choice.

Preparing the event

One out of many things you should pay attention to is the aim of the party. An outdoor wedding is aiming to create intimacy and warmth among guests and between the brides and the guests. It is a big no-no to holding a wedding where guests come, eat, take photos, and leave. You have to be creative. To create warmth and a sense of kinship, the bride should come together with the guests. Let it flow like a river. Another way is to choose the right presenter or master of ceremony (MC) who is informal and has a good sense of humor. Also, choose a local groovy band for the perfect Outdoor wedding ideas.

To help you to run outdoor wedding ideas, we recommend you to employ a wedding planner and organizer.

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