Getting Married in Bali

Getting Married in Bali

Bali offers not only plenty of perfect places for a vacation but also picturesque and mesmerizing locations for a wedding. Holding a wedding in Bali is what most people have dreamed of.

How to plan a wedding in Bali

Imagine that you and your couple is saying the wedding promise that is witnessed by the families and the close friends with the exotic background of the white sand and the blue sea under the sun that will be setting. This is a type of the wedding that is wanted by everyone and you can get it in Bali.

Yes, Bali is a beautiful and exotic island that is not only perfect for the vacation, but also it is a heaven for a wedding.

Why are you should getting married in Bali?

Bali is not noisy, intimate and so memorable. Besides these reasons, there are still many reasons why Bali is the perfect place to get married, such as the reason that Bali is also a favorite location for a honeymoon. So, when you wanted to have a wedding in Bali, below are some tips that you can do to realize your dream wedding Bali.

  1. Planning and Preparation
    The first tip to plan your wedding is by using the service of a Wedding Planner and Organizer.

    You can make a small and intimate marriage, do not be stress because of the small things that are not happened based on the plan and keep the humor with you. The local wedding planner and organizer is the best option to have a wedding in Bali with every concept that you want such as the outdoor wedding ideas. By using the wedding planner service, you will be freed from the stress and it is also more efficient for the budget wedding ideas.

    Besides that, usually there will be some interesting packages that the wedding planner will offer to you. You can choose one of the packages that are suitable with what you want.

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  1. Budget Wedding Ideas
    When we are talking about realizing a wedding moment, we will always think about the budget.

    As we know that budget is playing the most important role in realizing someone’s dreamed wedding. That is why; usually some couples are creating their wedding ceremony and parties based on the budget that they have. There are some kinds of budget wedding that you can choose or that is suitable with you.

    They are:

    • Minimum Budget.
      If what you needed is only a pastor or a headman without any decoration, so the budget that you need is probably only $300 – $500. If you wanted the Balinese wedding style with the religion ceremony and the legal letters from the local government, the budget is for about $700 – $1000.
    • Medium Budget.
      On this wedding planning tip, the budget is depended on the amount of the guests and the concept of the wedding Bali. The cost of the decoration and all the services in Bali is different with the other cities. However, you have not to be confused to count the budget that you will need, because usually the wedding planner and organizer will help you to count it and make the wedding as the budget that you have.
    • Unlimited Budget.
      Planning a wedding with the unlimited budget is maybe the dream for every couple.If you had the unlimited budget, you can consider rent the exclusive resorts that are located in Bali such as the Alila Villa Uluwatu and the other locations. An example of the packages that you can have is the two days package. On this package, you just need to pay for about $74.000. This package is required if the amount of the guests are 100-200 people (You can see here for updated price). However, you have to pay more for the catering from the hotel. This price is usually included the 50 units of the villas with the private swimming pools inside. The guests can stay for 2 days and enjoy the breakfast, drinks, yoga in the morning and the private services for 24 hours.

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This of the services that you will choose is depended on your needs and budget. However, getting married in Bali will be a memorable moment that you will not forget in your entire life.

So, if you want to get the perfect wedding as you dreamed, you can follow some tips that are explained above for how to plan a wedding.