Bali has been nominated as the best destination for a wedding venue. The bride and groom come from all around the world looking for a magnificent place to exchange vow. A special moment in life such as a wedding has to be celebrated by choosing the breath-taking place. A remarkable place where the newlywed will share it with family and remember it for the rest of their life.

By popularity, the beach is the most wanted place and we know why people want it so badly. Imagine walking barefoot on the white sandy beach as you hold hand in hand together. Blue sky and the tropical sun shine bright as the background of your altar. Wind and the breeze summer complete everything you ever imagined as your lover kisses you in the front of the family.

As beautiful as it is seen, a beach wedding is just like any other event. It is a complex reception that requires a great preparation ahead in order to be running smoothly.

That’s why, We are here to give you an insight about the beach wedding in Bali and are passionate to guide you with not only step-by-step information but a whole chunk information about weddings in Bali.

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Best time

When is the best time to get beach wedding in Bali?

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Pros & Cons

Carefully read the pros and cons about beach weddingin Bali.

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Here top list of beach wedding venue for your consideration.

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Best time to held beach wedding in Bali

There’s no such thing as the best time to get married. It has to be based on groom and bride circumstances and availability. Traveling abroad, especially to get married is not like having a holiday. You can’t just jump into the plane and try to settle it once you arrive in Bali. A lot of stuff needs to be prepared beforehand.

But if you want to avoid crowds and traffic jams, come down during the low season in Bali such as February or March. This is a good month and the rainy season is about to end.

Picking low season means you might get a better price of hotel/resort and vendors. Don’t forget, Bali is also a wedding destination / honeymoon for Indonesian so once you have the exact date, booked the vendor and venue right away. Usually, you have to pay down payment months before the date.

FYI, for a date with a repetitive number or good number such as 02-02-2020, it might get very popular for Indonesian. Make sure to book it fast to secure your place.

Top list locations of beach wedding venue for your consideration

The Beach and coastal line in Bali is a public space and should not be owned privately.

Everyone can come and doing activities whenever they want. Therefore, we suggest you not hold a wedding in popular beaches such as Kuta or Canggu to avoid crowds unless it’s a beachfront area of the Hotel/Resort. Even though the Hotel/Resort cannot guarantee 100% privacy, they will always try their best to keep your private and intimate moment away from people who are walking down on the beach.

The other option is to find a beach that isn’t known to tourists. But it also has some disadvantages.

The access or the road to the beach might not be good and a little bit hard to reach. This kind of beach also doesn’t have facilities such as electricity, toilets or even nearby resto if you want to take a cold drink or just rest for a while. But even if you insist on doing the wedding there, you can’t just come and set up an altar. You have to get a permit from local people.

Things will get more complicated if you have a number of guests. For everyone’s convenience, the best recommendation is to book a beachfront resort where you can settle your mind and have a peaceful wedding without the need to worry about anything.

Here top list of beach wedding venue for your consideration:

Anantara Seminyak Bali Wedding

Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort

Rest assured your wedding day in this beautiful hotel in Seminyak. The hotel offers a remarkable setting for wedding functions and gatherings. With the sound of the Indian Ocean as the background music, your fantasy wedding has come to reality.

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Beach Wedding at St Regis Bali

St. Regis Bali Resort

This luxury resort is my favorite all the time. You can’t have a better beach wedding than the one you have in this gorgeous resort. Located in the south Nusa Dua peninsula, The St. Regis Bali Resort is well-known for its wedding specialist staff that take care of every little detail.

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What to wear

Due to the weather in Bali, we suggest you keep your wedding dress and makeup as simple and light as possible.

We understand everyone wants to look the best for their wedding. But please avoid makeup with a heavy foundation because when you spend hours in the sun, the makeup might ruin a little bit. Not to mention the sweat and wind in the venue.

It is important to consult with your make up artist to go with a natural look with a lot of moisturizers to keep your face looking fresh. The most important is to apply sunscreen regularly. Apply it hours before the makeup to make sure it is absorbed and go flawlessly with your makeup.

For a wedding gown, choose a dress that can make you breathe on the beach. As a starting point to prevent heat stroke especially during summer, choose anything from lightweight silk, chiffon or lace. The style can be a full length dress, midi dress and short dress. You can kick a ball gown, massive layers out of your option because you want to be able to run free on the beach.

A vial is also not required in the tropical beach wedding because you might get loose your hairstyles or just put some cute hairpin or flower crown to enhance your summer looks.

Since it’s on the beach, replace high heels and go barefoot. But if you are not comfortable, you can wear cute sandals that are easy to walk in the sand and still look fabulous in the picture. To complete it, choose a flower bouquet from the local market.