Are you just started searching,
or maybe planning
your wedding in Bali?

Where to Get Married in Bali

There are a variety of venues to choose from in Bali. Choose the one that fits your mood. The venue should align with your personality and expectations. Plenty of venues can majorly be classified under four major categories.

Beach Wedding

Bali is the epitome of beautiful beaches. If you dream of having an outdoor wedding, you can go for this. However, there are a few things to consider before you go to a beach wedding.

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Beach Wedding in Bali
Hotel Vila Lumbung Wedding Venue

Hotel or
Resort Wedding

If you want an easy and convenient option, this is the most suitable for you. A lot of resorts and hotels now offer wedding packages in Bali. Do your research and discuss what is included in the package.

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Bali Villa Wedding

Villa Wedding

Breath-taking, these are gaining popularity. These can be complex to plan and implement.Hire a wedding planner for smooth functioning. It is very convenient. Villa weddings allow you to choose everything according to your preference.

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